Include movies from watchlist on dashboard (as up next)

I have always wanted some kind of way to have the watchlist more integrated with the dashboard, without it becoming messy. I have noticed that I do not watch movies as much as I used to as the watchlist is behind multiple pages, whereas tv shows are front and center.

I thought about this for some time and included below is my design for something that would in my opinion be very nice. @justin I hope you don’t mind I pulled some example images off the site that had your profile shown to create this.

The movies that are shown could default to what ever sorting method you wish, but i would default it to rank. Not sure if having the option in the settings like it is now for tv shows is best or have it based off of the default sorting method in the watchlist edit menu.

See more> would go directly to the watchlist.

Perhaps clicking on See more> would also load the list with unreleased already hidden. And just movies showing. Similar to how See more> goes to the progress page with completed pre-hidden.

The background colors I have switched for each section to better separate the two sections.

This would of course be hideable if you don’t want it.