Why the quotes are removed?

Weird, i’m sure i quoted a post before but now every-time i quote and reply to a post the quote gets removed, and if you click on edit post you see a message from the system saying “your quote has been automatically removed”

i do not think this is normal :confused:

I think if you just reply/quote the post made before you, it’s automatically removed because… it’s obvious maybe. Or the system thinks it’s obvious.

Now if you reply to a post made way earlier, the quote is helpful, because everyone knows what/who you’re answering/referring to.

According to this, you are correct. Quotation of the entire previous post is automatically removed to reduce duplicated content.

ok that is probably correct according to the link but totally wrong and false assumption.
If you just reply and have no quote you actually reply to the thread and the question originally asked from the TS.

What if i want to reply to the last post, how you would know i refer to you ? ok maby use the @ symbol but again this is the first i’ve seen it and pretty much believe it is not productive. Its a wrong assuption that every reply you made you reply to the previous post. @justin can this be change ? do you find it accurate ?

One way to do it is highlight the part of the last post, then a little pop-up comes up with quote

Here i highlighted part of your last post, then clicked the new quote button that appears

edit: yes, so the only way to do it is to trick the system and just quote a part of the last reply.
Still doesn’t feel right

First, click Reply on the post you want to reply to, then click the comment bubble icon in the top left of the reply box. That inserts the quote and you should see it in the preview window too. We haven’t changed any of these settings from the default, so not sure if we can change the behavior where quoting the last reply is auto removed.