Add/Import a Person (Actor)

I’ve been searching around for a while but I cannot figure out how to add/import a missing person (actor) from TMDB, TVDB, or IMDB. It seems that existing people are linked when a show or movie includes them in the cast but how does a new actor get added to enable links to be created?

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If the person exists on TMDB and is connected with a show or movie you have to refresh the data of the movie.

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What I figured out over the years was (specifically actors/actress in a cast) some don’t show up. IMDB is the biggest provider of Metadata and imports that info on there website/app. All this info/Metadata would be great to have & import. I’ve been a long time subscriber to Fanart, TMDB, TVDB, OMDB, and I still have those API’S keys, also youtube API. These personal api keys can be used In certain apps, like kodi. BTW: It was Damn near impossible to get API keys from IMDB. Hopefully some time soon there will be a way to implement this “missing” Metadata. I don’t get to hung-up on certain cast members are not mentioned or even credited. That why I have and stuff like RT, IMDB, and other Metadata, ratings, and resources for other options and opinions.

This doesn’t always work. In Would You Rather, Sasha Grey has a credited role but her Trakt page is blank. The TMDB link on her bio points to an invalid URL but if I go the TMDB page for the movie, I see her listed in the cast and it points to a different bio page for her.

I have refreshed everything I can thing of and nothing fixed it.

That Trakt page is for a now removed TMDb dupe. She isn’t imported because she’s marked as Adult:true. Most of her credits on TMDb are from adult movies. Anything adult is not imported on Trakt.

all the Sasha Grey’s on Trakt are removed dupes from TMDb… Person search results for sasha grey - Trakt

Ah, I wasn’t aware; I find that a bit of a strange distinction. I would think movies would be marked adult and therefore be hidden, not the actors themselves.