Api issue with query by name

Hi, for some reason I do not get any api response for this request:

curl https://api.trakt.tv/search/show?query=demon-slayer-kimetsu-no-yaiba
It used to work with one-piece, but now that does not work either.
But your-lie-in-april still works.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I will test it out, but what is the reason for dashes in the query? Is the show title like that?

No, the show url is like that.

Also, is it possible to query the API to get the absolute episode numbers?
Maybe something from this page?

The show URL is different than the title. Using the API, the title shouldn’t have - and instead should have spaces like the normal title would. If you already know the slug, you can use the /shows/:slug endpoint directly with no need to search.

Absolute numbers can be returned if you request full info for an episode. However, we don’t have great coverage on absolute numbers since TMDB doesn’t support it.

Hi, I used the API like I wrote for 2 months now…
But it is OK, I just changed to get the needed trakt id via the tmdb id which I get from plex.


Ok cool, that works too :slight_smile: