How can I completely refresh my trakt collection?

I would like to remove the old cruft that shows as collected when I no longer have the shows or movies, and I would like to restore the shows I do have that I removed from trakt manually and then re-added some time later.

Essentially I would like a fresh rescrobble of my collection.

Is that possible from my account or would that require assistance from Trakt support?


Answering my own question with a simple enough workaround.

Installed Kodi and pointed it to my TV Shows folder. Corrected a handful it got wrong, and scrobbled it.

Now trakt is showing series I had manually removed in the upcoming calendar, and it is not showing airing episodes of shows I had remove from the library.

Cool, glad you figured out a workaround. In the future, we can clear your collection via a support ticket if needed.