How is "Include Collected" for Watched Progress and Up Next To Watch meant to work?

In general my Watch List for shows I haven’t started yet and shows I’ve collected tend to intersect (or at least when I remember to update it they do).

I’ve been toying with unticking the Include Watch Listed option for Watched Progress, but leaving the “Include Collected” ticked - the idea being that whenever something gets put into Plex I haven’t watch listed, that everything still behaves the same for me.

Everything seems to work fine when I looked at my Watched Progress page, everything displays as I expect it should. i.e Anything I have Collected shows as an entry.

However the Up Next dashboard seems to be applying a filter along the lines of “where show is not on watchlist and is collected” - thus negating anything I’ve added to my Watch List in the past and collected.

Is this by design?

Yes, that is by design otherwise the dashboard might have a bunch of 0% watched items listed.

What confused me is that’s precisely what I get if I choose “Included Watch Listed” :man_shrugging:

Guess I just have to stop being lazy and keep my Watch List up to date :smile:

Ah, that’s a good point. I’ll have to look into this more and see what I find out.

Ok, this was actually a bug and it should have used that setting. I’ll have a fix out tomorrow.

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