Locked or corrupt account?

I use trakt on several add-ons with Kodi, I also have the trakt app installed on my iPhone. In all cases none of my data is coming down from my account. I can successfully login to the website but I don’t have any history for the last month, and the wrong shows are in progress. No data comes down to the app. And nothing syncs on the add-ons for Kodi.

Don’t know what to do from here. Any help is much appreciated.

Please email support@trakt.tv and we can unlock it.

Thank you.

@ericknee I myself use kodi and different add ons too. But, specifically regarding kodi… If ur info, watch list, check-in, etc is not tracking. You need to delete kodi info and reinstall ur trakt library. Any questions on how to configure this. Lmk!

I’ve uninstalled all add-ons and Kodi, and done a clean install several times . The point is that my data from trakt is not coming through on anything including their own iPhone app.

@ericknee Interesting… I would suggest add a new app, like, for example…Syncler or any other movie apk app that supports Trakt.tv.
log-in to ur real-debrid account( if u have one…real-debrid provides faster high quality links)
And start streaming.
U can also verify with The “Watcht” app

Lmk how it goes. Take it is easy bud!

I emailed support and still don’t have any resolution to this issue. Just curious what I should try next?

Sorry for the delay on this, we have a huge backlog of support tickets right now. Sean should be able to unlock your account in the near future.