Order episodes and specials by airing date in Progress

When the “Include Specials” options has been enabled in the Progress options, it would be nice if the episode order in the Progress and Up Next section was the chronological airing order, rather than episode order per either current season or specials, depending on what was watched last.

For example, I still have to watch Season 13 of new Doctor Who and the Eve of the Daleks special.
Episode 1 of Season 13 aired on 31/10/2021, while the Eve of the Daleks special aired on 01/01/2022.
However, because the last episode I marked as watched for that series was a special, in the up next and progress section the next episode to watch for me is the Eve of the Daleks special, even though it actually aired after Season 13, which I also have yet to watch.
I feel like this is a bit confusing, and if I didn’t know that this special aired after season 13, like I this in this case, I would probably watch the special first, thus watching episodes out of airing order.

Also another example, when starting to watch a series, the “specials” season will usually be put first in the progress order, with the regular seasons after, while the correct order would be for the regular seasons and the specials to be mixed, based on the episodes airing date.

I hope this is clear enough, I think this change would make the progress section more reliable, in relation to episodes ordering for series with frequent special episodes.


Hi. I am responding to this to refresh the topic and see if this is being considered to have the Progress with specials up next based on the last watched date. When you click on “All Episodes” from a show, it does have the episodes and specials in the air date order but not on any progress screens.

I appreciate all you all do and hope there’s a way to update this bit.