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Is there any way to check in bulk if there are items in one’s history that no longer corresponds to an TMDB ID?

No way to do that currently. Are you trying to find invalid items to report?

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That would mean having the items in your history before the migration from TVDB to TMDB, correct?

Possibly, but it more likely means the item was just removed on TMDB. This happens with invalid movie or shows, things that we’re merged at TMDB, etc.

Yes, what I’m looking for is a function like the “Missing on TMDB” on the compare page but for movies that have a TMDB ID that is no longer active.
So that I can report every invalid items I have in my history.

This show is currently listed as “Datasource: TMDB” and “TMDB Migrated”. However, it currently does not exist on TMDB (probably it is not a “traditional” TV show but a Twitch-streamed show), and the TVDB entry is more current than the one on Trakt. Is there a way to switch back to TVDB?

I do not maintain either of those entries.

It is best to use the “report” button so our moderator can look into it more.

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Anyone can stream on twitch. So by definition that’s like self published content on Amazon and YouTube and falls under the amateur content guidelines on tmdb. Which is why it was deleted most likely indeed.

And if you allow that why not all those asmr videos, let’s plays or painting videos etc. Opens a whole can of worms. :see_no_evil:

Well aware that this might derail this thread: In this case it’s produced by a multi-million dollar company, but I understand the reasoning (somewhat…); TMDB has to draw the line somewhere. And if that line is defined by which streaming platform is used, that’s their decision to make.

However, I still want to track some of those shows on Trakt, as I did the past 8 years, and TVDB still provides the source (as they don’t draw the line somewhere else apparently).

As proposed, I reported the show in question (and other shows by the same company that suddenly disappeared from TMDB).