Remove Watched Shows from collection

Does the app have it’s own watchlist programmed in perhaps, not linked to Trakt’s? That would explain the conflicting info.

Sorry Bud I’m telling you you are wrong on this. I watched Super Pumped last night and I am 100% sure all the episodes I have watched are STILL in my Watchlist just like with every other show. It puts a checkmark as being watched but the Episode certainly does not go away. How are we so disconnecrted on this issue. I hear what you are saying but I am not seeing it.

I have watched the First 5 Episodes of this show and as you can see they are STILL in my Watchlist. If they are supoosed to go away like you are saying why are they still here?

Here is your watched history for Super Pumped, notice the dates each episode was watched. markxg's TV show and movie watched history - Trakt

And here is your episode watchlist, notice the episodes were added after you watched them. It looks like you manually added them to your watchlist on that date (it wasn’t through an app).,asc

Since they were re-added to the watchlist, they won’t auto remove unless you watched the episodes again.

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Hi mark,

as your screenshot says, you have set “the entire series” on your watchlist, not episodes. Trakt does distinguish between series, seasons and episodes, each of them can be added to your watchlist as separate items.
when you compare your complete watchlist with your shows watchlist, your season watchlist and your episodes watchlist by opening your watchlist and selecting one of the Shows, Seasons or Episodes filters (the eye symbol in the upper right options rig), you will notice that seasons and single episodes are NOT on your watchlist, thus can’t be removed. What’s on your watchlist is the “series” named Super Pumped and as far as I know the series watchlist entry will be auto-removed once you reached 100% watched.

Thank you for the reply. I have NEVER seen something more confusing as how Trakt uses Watchlists and Collections. I will continue to use Collections for my TV Shows and Watchlists as it seems the ONLY difference after reading this message is that Using Collections I have to manually remove a Series vs Watchlists they will auto remove after being finished.

I really wish there was a more through explanation of the difference between Watchlists and Collections because the generic Blog posts don’t do it. I have been using Collection for my Watchlist for years and it works exactly like a Watchlist. Others have said Collection is for what you own. I do not own anything. I use Collection to keep track of the shows (seasons and episodes) I’m watching.

And if the only difference between Watchlist and Collection is that one auto removes a series after it’s done and for the other I manually have to remove from my collection I’ll keep on using Collection for the Shows and Movies I want to watch

It’s perfectly fine if you use collections this way, even though it’s not intended for that use case. But, just for the records… you do know that you can keep track of watched and unwatched items just bei marking them as watched?
You know, from the moment you mark the first episode of a show as watched, it gets added to your progress log (which you can find on or - in default settings - on top of your dashboard page) so you would always see the next episode of each show to be watched next, combined with a progress bar.

I use the watchlist only for movies, because shows are completely - and IMHO perfectly - tracked by the progress feature.

Oh, and if you add the scrobbler sync plugin to your KODI installation, the “mark as watched” would be done automatically after watching. Well, don’t know if this works for streaming services like netflix, but it does for sure with local media.

A show or season is auto removed if 1 episode is watched.

It is of course your choice to use or misuse collections however you want. @frank42 makes all the valid points as to why you might not want to however. You are creating a lot of extra and manual work by using collections as a watchlist.

For the benefit of others that come across this thread, here is a summary of the differences. I’ll review the blog posts and add any missing points.


  • tracks items you want to watch in the future
  • automatically removes once you watch them
  • automatically adds new episodes to your calendar
  • optionally adds watchlisted (but not watched) shows to your progress page with 0% progress
  • influences the anticipated movies and shows pages


  • used for items you own
  • save metadata about each item
  • helps track progress of your collected shows to find missing episodes
  • easily integrates with lots of media centers to automatically populate your collection
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Thank you Justin,

I basically use Trakt within KODI to keep Trakt of what I watch. I only joined Premium to be able to “clone” other Lists. I don’t use calendar, don’t use progress, have no idea about anticipated movies and shows, don’t care about metadata, don’t own anything.

when I watch one of my shows from my Collection in my KODI addons it places a check MARK next to that episode so if watching Multiple shows at the same time I always know from my collection for any show what the last episode I’ve watched and what the next one is. When a Season is complete it puts a check mark on the season as being watched.

I see zero advantage of using Watchlist over Collection to keep track of what I’m watching or what I want to watch at any given point. I simply add new shows and Movies I want to watch to my collection. Very easy to just collect all the episodes and they all show up. And I use Trackt Lists for larger lists of movies that I Clone

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