Remove Watched Shows from collection

so I mainly use the Collection feature of Trakt within KODI. My List of collected shows is starting to get too long for me. There’s a lot of shows where I watched all the episodes and the show has been cancelled. I was hoping there would be something along the lines of an Archive function where i could place my watched shows and Movies into another bucket so to speak? Because all I see is a way to remove the show/movies from my collection to get them off of the list. But I might forget I watched something and re-add it by mistake. What are most people doing to keep their Collection at a manageable level? Thanks!

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Which “list” do you mean?


Those are all the shows I collected just in 2 different sort views. I appreciate the reply however I’m looking for what to do with Shows/movies AFTER I watch them. I would have hoped Trackt had something along the lines of “Archive” functionality where I would move something from my current collection to another Bucket or folder or whatever. Because the way I see it it the only choice is too Remove from my Collection but then I have no way of knowing if I watched it or not.

My collection is starting to get unmanageable as I keep adding shows and Movies but not removing anything. I cannot be the only one with this issue and must be missing something obvious but I’m struggling on how to remove something from my collection and not having another category where my watched shows will go

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The watched history keeps track of everything you’ve watched. Collection is meant for what you own. Some apps misuse the collection for other purposes, are you using it for items you own?

Hi Justin, new to this Forum but have been using Trakt for years. I think I figured out the answer to my question from searching here. But I don’t know what you mean by the Following “Collection is meant for what you own.” I have NEVER used Trakt for anything I own. What I do is have it synched within KODI and anything I want to watch I just Collect those episodes in Trakt and they are added to the My Movies or My TV Shows in KODI.

anyway I figured out that when I’m finished watching a Movie or Show I can just g into Trakt Manager and Remove from my collection but it keeps that info in my watched history.

But saying Collection is used for items I own I have no idea what you mean. Collection to me means it’s something I want to watch and has nothing to do with anything I own.

Thank you


Your Watchlist is designed for things you want to watch. Once you watch an item, it gets automatically removed. Manage your watchlist & personal lists | by Trakt | Trakt Blog

Your collection is for items you own and have available to watch. Some apps (mostly media center apps) misuse the collection as a watchlist, which isn’t what it’s intended for. How to build your collection. Trakt helps keep a complete collection… | by Trakt | Trakt Blog


Not understanding why I would want to use Watchlist over Collection to keep track of my Shows. One of the Links you referenced above says things disappear from your watchlist after you watch it? If I am watching a multi-season show why would I want that show to disappear after I watched an episode of it. Maybe I’ve been using Trakt the wrong way but Collection seems like a much better thing to use to keep track of what you are watching

Once you watch at least one episode, your progress page and dashboard up next are used to track where you are. The collection is for items you own and nothing related to watching.

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The add-on has really trained you to use Trakt strangely. :rofl:
I recommend reading the blog posts as there is a lot of cool features that I believe you may be missing out on. :smiley:
BTW the add-on you have used has added a lot of duplicate plays to your history.

My question first When
You mean collecected do mean you own them or is that what you want to see.
If not this is very easy way to shorten your list.
Then you can chose to distingues them own physical ie VHS/dvd etc or digital ie iTunes,Microsoft etc
And put what you dont own in watchlist or wishlist.
For myself i have made around 7list here in trakt and around 20 lists in
Best regards Stefan, from Stockholm, Sweden

No I don’t keep anything I own in Trakt. I stream everything so don’t see a need to own any media? Anyway been using it for Years mainly as a way to keep Track of my Movies/Tv Shows. I joined the VIP mainly for the ability to clone existing lists from others.

But what has been pointed out to me is that I have incorrectly been using Collections and Watchlists. I mainly add new shows and movies from the Trakt web site since that’s easy and a lot faster than within KODI on my Android Box. I just assumed “Collection” and Collecting episodes means I have been adding those Shows and Movies to a list I want to watch on the Web site and it synchs to my Trakt account to the Addons in KODI that I use. It has worked perfectly and when something is watched it Marks that as watched in the “My TV Shows” or “My Movies” section in KODI.

So I have now added every thing in my collection to my watchlist and will see if that functionality works any better or is more efficient. To me it’s the same thing but will test it out


@justin @arcreactor am wondering if you can help me out more here. I have read the blog links regarding watchlist and collection and understand collection may be for anything you own. I don’t Own any online media so if I was using Collection the right way it would be empty. But as I have pointed out I have been using collection as a watchlist. After reading your posts I thought I would try moving everything in my collection (Basically what I want to watch so I call this my Watchlist) to a newly created Watchlist

So I added everything I am watching (anything in my collection) to my Watchlist and watched a few episodes. The Watchlist operates the EXACT same way as My Collection. After watching a Show it puts a Check Mark in there Marking it as watched which is the exact same thing as what Happens in Collection. I’ve read the Blogs you linked for me but again I don’t see any difference between using My Watchlist vs Using my Collection. There are the same thing

I’ve been using Trakt like this for years and really am not seeing any difference in terms of functionality of what happens to a show after being watched in Watchlist Or Collection

Thank you

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Items are auto removed from your Watchlist once you watch them, that is the main difference. Collection items also have additional parameters to track like the format, resolution, etc.

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Watchlist integrates with all of the calendar, schedule, and “next” features on Trakt so you know what to watch and when new things are coming out while Collections are just a reference list without integrating with other features.

The long version:
@markxg, the Watchlist makes movies/TV shows display in the Upcoming Schedule section on your Dashboard (and in your Calendar). This is helpful so you can add movies/shows to your Watchlist when, for example, you see a preview or read an article months (or years) before they come out. Then the item will automatically show up when its release is coming up, even if you were to forget about it. It also works for an already-released TV show by adding its episodes on their release dates to your Upcoming Schedule & Calendar, which will possibly trigger your memory so you start watching the show from the first episode.

The other way that TV shows are added to your Upcoming Schedule & Calendar is if you mark at least one episode of the show as Watched. For this reason, the show is automatically removed from your Watchlist since the next episode will now show up in Up Next to Watch section of your Dashboard. It is kind of a rolling Watchlist showing the next episode for you to watch. Additionally, all new episodes will show up in the Upcoming Schedule & Calendar on their release date after you’ve watched one episode.

A movies is automatically removed from the Watchlist after you mark it as Watched, too. It’s quick and easy, there’s no need to add the Watched entry and then manually remove it from the Watchlist, too.

As far as I can tell, the Collected list does not automatically add episodes to any calendar or “up next” section anywhere. I actually went through my Collected list recently and deleted all of the TV episodes because it was not helpful for me. I don’t need a record of episodes I once owned given that I have a record of each episode I actually watched in the Watched history. I suppose if someone keeps every episode, even after watching them, it may be helpful to, for example, show someone else which shows are available to watch.

I will say, I have not used Kodi, so I am not sure how its “next episode” function works. In Plex, there’s a “Continue Watching” section on the Home screen so I always know which episode of any series is up next for me to watch (and their new Discover thing released today looks like it will do that for all streaming services on one screen). I would imagine Kodi has a similar home screen section so you know what the next episode is once you have started watching one episode from a show, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, you can just reference your “Up Next to Watch” section on the Trakt Dashboard. Each show’s page in Trakt also shows the next episode for you to watch and the most recent episode that was released if a series has fallen off your “Up Next to Watch” section of the Dashboard and you do not watch to dig through the Watched Progress screens.


That’s a great in-depth response, thanks!

It is a great response and I’ll be diving into it tomorrow but Justin I have to disagree with you on something you have repeatedly said about Watchlists. You keep saying that when something on a Watchlist is watched it gets removed. That is simply not the case. I have 2 watchlists and after watching a show episode or a movie a check is placed as having being watched but within the watchlist it is certainly still there? That is why I keep beating the Drum that the functionality between collection and watchlist is the exact same thing.

Where does the episode go after you watch it on a Watchlist? It goes nowhere from what I see. It remains On my Watchlist with a check next to it signifying I have watched it. But by no means does it disappear. You keep saying this but it’s just not true

It will be added to your history page…

I am only referring to your built in Watchlist. Custom personal lists will not auto remove. It sounds like you created 2 personal lists named “Watchlist”. Only the built in Watchlist auto removes items once you watch them.

Yea the Built In Watchlist is what I am using. Episodes do NOT get removed after thy are watched. They are just marked with a watched Check

You are 100% wrong here.

I wrote it, so I know it auto removes :smiley: If it’s not, the app you’re using could be re-adding to the Watchlist. Some apps do this and it’s incorrect functionality.

Also, I don’t see any episodes on your Watchlist.