2023 Year in Review!

Your 2023 Year in Review is ready!

You did an epic job directing 2023, now let’s check out all your stats in a brand new design! Also new this year in the country map and Trakt community trends. Let us know what you think!


The year in review is available on the website, iOS, and Android apps now!


More beautiful than ever!
Still just hoping one day there can be a one-click share to social media function, as image(s) rather than a link. Like Spotify etc.


loved the style!


There’s so much wrong with this redesign!

First of all, movies hanging out of the box like that looks more like an error rather than a design choice. Especially that on mobile screens, they go outside the bounds of the viewport, suggesting horizontal scrolling that isn’t there.

But aside from that, the previous design was much easier to understand, simpler to share and more accurate. Not to mention that since it relies on hover states, it’s absolutely unusable on touch devices.

Let me show you my screen:

The stats currently are crammed into small spaces making them too dense when you have larger spikes.

Why does it matter what my first watch of the year was? Why does it need a significant amount of real estate and then cram the 3 actually useful stats into almost the same area?

The old layout had the bar charts as wide as the page layout allowed which allowed for thicker bars, larger fonts and a way to screenshot that and share it. The current design doesn’t even label the chart and the fact that it’s broken down by weeks is only suggestive based on the summary on the bottom. Not cool.

The Daily and Monthly charts are now line charts. Line charts presume that there were values between the sampled points. That’s not how dates work. We have data from Monday and Tuesday and there’s no space between the 2. A line chart is simply an incorrect representation of the data.
The labelling and the legend is also missing from here.

Above all, the actual values rely on hover states which also don’t work on Mobile. Had you kept the bar charts, you could write the approx total value on the bars instead.

Show trends… What are you trying to do? Induce FOMO? Shame us for not watching what the masses watched? Come on…

The Most Watched movies is a hit and miss. I guess I’m not the target here who only ever watches something once. The studio breakdown is way more relevant in my case. Maybe just ignore this panel if all view counts are 1?

All in all this feels like it looked good in a design document but as soon as you look into what it actually represents and does, it falls apart.

I’m all for change and finding better ways of showing data. This isn’t it.


I appreciate the dissenting opinion and have some additional questions and clarifications on some of your points.

Which templates are you comparing, 2023 vs. the default? 2023 vs 2022? Since 2020, we’ve released a custom year in review template for each year.

It’s a design choice, along with the animation of the posters sliding in.

The YIR is optimized for all screen sizes and touch devices. Which specific areas aren’t working like you expect on a touch device, it could be a bug?

We’ve always featured the first and last play in all year in review templates, this isn’t new.

This is true, but also varies a bit based on the yearly template. The design does switch to full width for smaller tablet and mobile screens.

Tap and drag to view the tooltips on a touch device. This is how the Chart.js library works and we’ve used the same charting library for all year in review templates.

Just experimenting with some Trakt community trends to potentially help discover popular shows and movies you haven’t watched. This is similar to the all time stats page, which compares your top shows/movies with the Trakt community. Same with the “thanks” section, the idea is to surface some popular, unwatched items you might have missed.

Mine is similar since I generally watch a movie only one time. No plans to ignore it if all 1 play, and this data has also been present in all year in review templates.


I would much prefer it was the full year in review as it’s titled, and not a review of Jan 1st-Dec 21st.

That is to say, I do not want it to be generated, or available at all, until Jan 1st 2024.

(It’s a nice concept overall though!)

The data updates in real time so you can just check on Jan 1.


Apparently I watched nearly 750 episodes of the Simpsons at 9:30 am on May 20. Yes all episodes at the same time!
I haven’t watched the Simpsons in over 10 years!
That is a hell of a bug.

That means all episodes were added at one time with that watched date.


Yep this is exactly what I do because I normally cram as many movies in as possible right up to (self imposed) deadline lol

If I’m being honest, for me show stats doesn’t make any sense. According to Trakt stats, I watched the show with 21 episodes 3x more than the show with 7. No I didn’t. I watched both shows one time each. I didn’t watch one 21 times and another only 7 times.

My suggestion would be to calculate stats at season level at most. Until then I just skip show stats and check only movies.

BTW, this every episode calc also skews all other stats (actors, directors, etc…)

I suggest switching to “time watched” for the TV show sorting – https://trakt.tv/settings#yir


But time watched would not help either. And in case 7x30 mins vs 21x45 mins would make it even worse

Remove the watched history and re-add by the date of release. That’s the best option unless you remember and want to enter the date for each episode.

Ah! I thought it was a CSS error, too. BTW the animation didn’t work for me.

I’m just here to say that I love this years design! I’m using it on iOS on my iPhone and I’m having no problems with it.
I’m looking forward to my Year in Review and its custom design every year. I also appreciate the trends section - really nice to see my interests compared to the community.
Thanks for the YiR and everything else this year. Have a great new years everyone!


I have a problem with the least watched network, it is too long and covers “Least Watched”.

Which browser and version?

Which browser and version?

Safari 17.2.1 and Firefox 121.0 (I haven’t tested other browsers).