Add all features from the browser into the apps

there are some really important features missing in the (android) app (don’t know about the IOS app).

  1. Adding/editing notes to items in a list
  2. Viewing and editing notes you added to movies.
  3. These things: strike, ==highlight==, >quote, code don’t work in the app. However you can view bold italics, text I believe.

There are also some weird bugs only in the app like:

  1. You can’t move the item at the bottom in a list. It’s just stuck there, you have to move the second last item one lower, so that the second last item is now the last item and then you can move your desired item.
  2. Sometimes the link behind the Rotton Tomatoes Score just redirects you to another movie or the start page. In these cases there always are no rotton tomatoes score yet (because they haven’t released or smt) but it says a random score in the app that isn’t true.

Thanks for reading, I know some of these points are minor bugs but they are annoying to me every day :confused:

Don’t know about the others, but adding / editing notes has been released on iOS in December. I guess it’s on its way for Android as well.