Android App vs iOS App

I just moved temporarily from iPhone to Android and I’m in awe at how great the Android app is. Some layouts are better and there are tones more features than on iOS. For example, the movie/show page shows ratings from Trakt, IMDB, TMD, Rotten Ts and Meta Critic which is awesome (even the website does not have that) and the page uses tabs at the top so you don’t have to scroll down all the time to see comments, actors etc. The Android app also allows better editing of lists, comments etc. One feature that is missing from the Android app is the ability to search for users - seems you can only do that on the website. Thank you Trakt for making my favorite app!

Not sure if you mean the same thing, but the iOS app also shows IMDb / TMDb / etc ratings when viewing titles. I think it’s a VIP feature tho.

Having tabs on top for the sections is something I’ve also noticed as being different (and better implemented on Android if you ask me as well).

Interesting. I don’t remember it having those ratings. See screenshot of Android below:

I don’t have iPhone anymore but this is iOS on an iPad. There are links to those sites but it does not show the score.

Are you on the latest version?

Looks like this for me on iPhone

It was added in version 1.12 (513) I don’t know about the non beta/TestFlight version though.

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