Adding shows/movies to the list and its rank

Hello, can you please tell me based on what is the rank assigned when I’m adding an item to the list?

Below is screenshot where i have my list of TV shows created… I will add a new show to it (Shop for killers, in this example) and instead of getting rank 42, it gets rank 40 and shifts the other two TV shows higher.

Sometimes it gets rank at the end, sometimes rank at the beginning, it seems random to me… so is there any system? And how can i make sure anything new added to the list will always get the latest rank number?

Thank you

It should add it as the last item, with the highest rank. Are you using a 3rd party app? If so, it might be doing something different.

Thanks a lot for replying… no, i simply open the trakt page with the desired show/movie, long press “ADD TO LIST” and just click on the one i want. It does like that in all my manually created and managed lists… sometimes it is indeed the last rank which is picked, but usually not (90 percent of the time or so), so I have to change it manually… I noticed it when sort by ‘added date’ and ‘rank’ were in a different order

EDIT: i have created a dummy public list for test (feel free to do anything you want with it):,desc

after adding the show Rookie from its page, it got rank 29 and shifted the others

I guess this was forgotten about? :slight_smile: I mean, it’s not extra important, but I’m still curious about the reason for the rank shuffle… thanks!