List order

Please do not think I was happy with the answer I received as it was half-assed (Half answered)
I asked if there was a way to customized my list order (Not the content of a list) as a default since by default the list order is by rank, which I don’t see a rank anywhere (I have 21 lists I would like them in Alphabetical or numerical order, Not Rank) the answer I received was

so, we don’t currently support a default order on that page. However, you can adjust the rank for any list and create any order you’d like.

If you don’t know what’s wrong with this answer, add the words at the end of the sentence “by doing this…”

Do you see an explanation of “How to adjust the rank”? Neither do I. I’m a VIP member (Meaning I pay for what many are getting for free) I would expect a VIP answer (Meaning an explanation as to how to do something) Or a reason why you wouldn’t offer something as convenient as the option to customize the list order so when it shows up in, say SYNCLER, I don’t have to scroll to the bottom, to see the ONE list I am looking for.
Convenience is what people pay for.

If you’re referring to a support ticket, you’re always welcome to respond with additional questions. If “SYNCLER” is a 3rd party app, any ordering would be handled by the app itself. It’s up to the app to offer additional sorting options.

On your Trakt lists page, click the reorder icon. You can drag lists around, move them up/down, or click the rank bubble and type in a new position to move it to.

This blog post has detailed info how to do this, including animations of what it looks like. This only applies to the Trakt website.