API feature request for a Raycast extension

Hi Team,

I’m building a new Raycast extension to control Trakt directly from Raycast. I noticed that Trakt API doesn’t provide the media images and encourages developers to use other services for that, like TMDB. This is a fine assumption when building another any HTTP API where the developers can configure the TMDB key and consumers don’t need to worry about it, but for a desktop app, this is impractical.

Currently, after a user searches for a movie or show, after the results arrive from the Trakt API, I’m having to send 10–20 requests just to get the images for each item, which, of course, is making the experience really slow. This is considering the fact that the user has crossed the barrier of getting an API key from TMDB.

I really wish the Trakt API would provide at least one image with the responses, this would be so much easier to consume, specially from a desktop app like a Raycast extension.

The Trakt API OAuth workflow works beautifully with the extension, my only gripe is with how I’m forced to load images from another service being a VIP member. I feel like the TMDB API key will turn out to be a big barrier that will hamper the adoption of my extension.

Anyway, thanks for this great service. I cannot imagine keeping track of all shows/movies across all platforms without Trakt.

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