Why not allow people to add Movies & Shows on the site?

So I have been using Trakt for a while and love the way that other sites allow you to add TV Shows & Movies to the system but I’m not sure why this feature hasn’t been added to Trakt. I know you use API’s inside your system to add the data but you also have one going out of the site most likely with more data.

Trakt could be even more better with a way for people to add directly to the site instead of using other systems, yes the system is so large from TVDB & TMDB but it could be even larger.


It would need insane moderation. Way better to just import out of TMDb.


Then why not have people of the community help manage it, I would be willing to spend a good portion of my time helping it and making sure it functions

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When I come across something not in Trakt, I update TMDb so everyone can utilize the update. They’re always looking for community help for maintenance and expansion.


Things like YouTube series get removed of TMDb making it super annoying when you are trying to update everything. I have been helping out as much as I can with the TMDb transfer but when it comes to the content TMDb doesn’t like it get’s removed.

If it’s a properly released web series, it’s allowed. Like for example Anne+ or RWBY, it’s totally allowed… But yeah, fan web series, reaction videos, honest trailers or vlogs and whatever aren’t. I don’t know what you’re trying to add, but they probably aren’t actual web series.

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