Basic 2FA (via external app)

It has been suggested before but all the older topics are archived or not active anymore.

So like many other services, trakt should offer basic 2FA (not via text) via the standard app and qr-code way.
(Security keys would be nice but I guess the standard 6 digit codes are very much enough at first.)


+1 This would be a great addition!

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Yes, I would love this! A yes or a no option through an app notification is the cleanest way in my opinion.

Also I believe I have mentioned this before but the login should not be based on your public username. It leaves only the password which appears to be able to be brute forced as we do not have a CAPTCHA if there is a failed login attempt.

Yes, never use 2fa via text, sometimes you are better off with just a really good password.

BTW If anyone hasn’t set one up I highly recommend a password manager so you can auto-generate/auto-fill passwords that are of a decent length/complexity. I use Bitwarden as it supports biometric login on everything, even via a desktop web browser via Windows Hello.


+1 for hardware and pass keys

+1 for Bitwarden, it’s also open-source and free for most people
Basically on all accounts that do not have 2FA, I use a very long password (not 16 character but like 32).


I heartily leave my fattest of :+1:s on this idea. TOTP support would give us a lot of peace-of-mind.

No ETA, but i do want to add 2FA.