[BUG] Tooltips don't match the progress

On my dashboard when hovering on progress bar, tooltip doesn’t match the actual progress

image image

Check if there’s any “Special” episodes available or not.

It’s just normal 6 episodes. I’ve disabled specials. Tooltip should say more like 83% and 5/6 watched

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Is that still happening?
Did you notice that with any other shows?

I’ve watched all 6 now, so will check after the next episode release. Other shows seem fine for now, but I think I’ve seen this before.

Also not sure if this is related, this tooltip doesn’t appear at all in some cases. Currently it’s for Echo - I’ve watched one episode so far

Then the next day:

Seems like tooltips progress have a different cache key than actual progress

Here’s another example

From upnext screen

From episode page

The episode page is correct, I still have the lastest episode outstanding to watch, the upnext screen shows 100% watched