Progress isn't ordered correctly

My TV show progress (and thus the Up Next section) isn’t ordered correctly by last watched date.
It seems that it isn’t taking the date into account and orders the TV shows randomly.

I tried to reset the progress cache in the advanced settings and cleared the browser data, but it didn’t help.
It works perfectly in the Trakt app but not when visiting the website via a browser (tested on Chrome and Firefox).
I opened a help ticket about it, but maybe other people also experience this issue and can chime in.

This is the incorrect order from a few days ago:


The correct order from the app from a few days ago:

The issue is cause by the large amount of duplicate plays in your account. That is breaking the up next calculations.

Check out the first 3 shows.

Thank you for checking the issue so quickly.
I guess these shows were added so many times by one of the plugins I used.
After removing the plays, the issue is resolved.

Thank you for you hard work!