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How do i refresh/ More an item that is movement from trakt my Calendar show the incorrect episode in ghost in the shell that i was one of them who corrected dmdb about that it was two Seasons not one but i still have one episode in my Calendar that is fuc.@&@#%@ up.
I just want to hide that episode get it away, but When hiding that episode the whole show hides even the correct ones in season two

This is not the way to report that but can you link to what you think is wrong?

I started watching GitS SAC recently and didnt notice anything weird

If you didnt have it in your watchlist before the updates it shoulnt be a problem for you, but it was i who pionted out the errors here, and fixed it in the sorces to the correct Netflix set. Sorry if i used the wrong media for my problem

Here you can see the problem that red one is wrong and i cant clear it from Calendar

And topic says questions and help so this the right way

That looks like the (iPad) app, is it not?

If it is, check out this thread:

If you use the report function on the wrong episode I think they can remove (merge it with 2x01) it from the calendar and widget (if you use them). If you link this screenshot they probably know what to do! :slight_smile:

Yes this the iPad app. But the same error is in the web page, and its not dublicate error, dublicate correct it self When watch the show. The dublicate maybe because it is in upnext and watchlist. You dont have to watch list episodes in a show you have started but sometime i do this anyway, but that is not a problem… that ghost in the shell episode does not exits anymore after the the correction thats the problem

I know, but that sounds like the same issue as the other thread. An episode that was a duplicate (or wrong), that’s removed, on-site, but it’s still in the API and so in the app/calendar/widgets etc.

Check the calendar online, not via the app, is the episode there? No, that’s because the website has some code in place to hide/block duplicates.

If the episode shows up on the website too, then it’s a different problem.

It is also in the website

Same sh@”&#% here

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Doesnt help useing Microsoft Edge browser eighter

On the website, please use the “report” button in the sidebar. That is the best way to let us know about incorrect metadata.

Alright i Done a report but could not report exact so report is the new correct Season but there is dirt left on the old Season 1

A 404 likely means the bad episode was already removed then.

And the problem is not fixed

So its not ready/cleared to close the case

Justin Please dont close a case that is not fixed

I Will personly Tell you When its sloved and you can close it

Have you tried going into your settings then go to the tab advanced and select reset data?

Might be some cache issue in your profile maybe

Thx hadnt tryied that. But it didnt work, solve the problem