Can't Join Bets Because Trakt Account Not Same as Gmail

Hi All,

I know the beta is filled but I’m pretty bummed. I tried joining very early on but was rejected multiple times because my Trakt Account is linked to my Hotmail account not my Gmail account. I’m not sure if devs can somehow fix this so that for users like myself who use two different emails (my Gmail is exclusive for friends/family emailing me, my Hotmail is for things like Trakt) can still access the beta when it is open again. I’d love to test and have a QA background so I’m happy to report bugs and offer feedback frequently.

Thanks all.

Please open a support ticket and we can manually add you on Monday to the beta. Thanks!

Should I do the same thing? I’m having the same sort of problem.

Yes please.

You guys are great. Put in a service request.