Curate my watched history help/ update information

Hi all, I’m new to and really learning how to use it, I like the concept, but I’m struggling to get it " accurate", screen shot attached, obviously this didn’t happen, I can’t watch this many shows in 4 minutes, so I’m asking how does this happen and how do I fix it?
I’m happy to go through my library and make manual changes if need be, I just need to know, how do do it, remove watched/ collections and start again etc. I’d like to make ( for me), accurate and realistic.

thank you in advance for any advice offered, it’s appreciated.

If you are asking how to remove episodes you marked wrong you need do click on the purple check box of each episode and you will be able to choose if you want to remove that play.

For example:
Anotação 2020-09-07 090403

That usually happens because you clicked to mark the episode more than one time. Usually you need to click, and wait a bit on the page, otherwise it won’t show as marked. Here when I mark something there is a bar in the bottom of the page. Wait for it to disappear and everything should mark normally.
Like this:

@SnowyBoy based on the screenshot, it appears the entire season was added t your watched history at once, which is why they have the same timestamps. One alternate way is choosing “release date” when adding and entire season or show. That will add them on their respective dates. However, since Ozark is released all at the same time on Netflix, that doesn’t really work either in this case. You can also mark episodes individually, and choose the “other date” option which allows specific date and times to be set.

@Sonply thanks for the info to help out!

We have a detailed blog post I suggest you check out at which has a lot of info and screenshots. If you’re using a media center or mobile app, that might also be a way to help improve or even automate your watched history.

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Thanks @justin & @Sonply, I appreciate the help.

I’m a very new VIP member, so adjusting to the learning curve.


Welcome to Trakt! You’re going to love it and VIP is well worth the cost!

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