History not updating anymore

I’m assuming this is related to the maintenance downtime and database update today, but wanted to post about it just in case.

I can mark stuff watched in the app or on the website, but when I look at the details of the movie or tv show episode it doesn’t show that it has any watch history, so I cannot mark anything unwatched or remove individual (or accidental) watch history for anything.

The only way I can see something got marked watched is because it’ll show up in the recently watched list, but not on the item itself.

Hope this gets ironed out soon. Keep up the good work and happy new year!

It looks like it’s finally popping up for tv show episodes, still not showing for movies but I’m guessing it’s going to come back as well at some point.

Yes, probably caused by the the website issues. Try resetting your browser data at trakt.tv/settings/data.

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Ah yes, resetting browser data got the movies back to correct tracking state as well, thank you!

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