Easier access to Watchlist, please!

Hey guys. I rarely write on the forum but this really bothers me for years now:

Please, separate the Watchlist from other lists. A watchlist is one of the most important features of Trakt and there should be no need to do extra clicks to find it. Please! I KNOW that you’ll say: “it is a list and it should be with other lists”. No. It’s more important than other user-created lists. It is a basic option/feature that should be directly on the front.
I’m ready to pay for this fix. To cover the time you need to code this, I’ll donate/pay 5 years of VIP in advance right away if you decide to fix this illogicality. :neutral_face:


I personally find myself watching more tv than movies because tv shows have the on deck feature, I log in and the next episode to watch is just right there. Two clicks and I have rated and marked an episode as watched. Perhaps something similar on the dashboard would work to help accessibility for the Watchlist and movies.

I personally use lists as my watch lists. Different watch lists for different topics.

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I originally set mine up like that, but to be honest I am only using it for the Radarr/Sonarr integration and quickly realized it’s just as easy to put everything into a single watchlist. So I support the idea of having a prominent default (or user selected favorite) list.

If I could get other friends to use Trakt then I might put effort into organizing lists but since no one sees them I’ll be using it solely for that integration for the foreseeable future. It’s also the one reason I even upgraded to VIP.

@VelimirSaban what do you mean by separate? an entirely new icon/button for just the watchlist? or do you mean viewing the watchlist?

Hey Justin, thank you for your reply.
I would like it to be here. Lists are something else - they are created by the user as needed, I see the watchlist as the basic option of the Trakt that should be on the main page with other options like Profile, History, Progress, Collection, Ratings etc. - easily accessible with one click.