Episode Tags

Hi, I did’t really want to start a whole new thread for this question, but I couldn’t find a decent place to ask it.

My question is, If i’m not mistaken the episode tags are taken from Tmdb, such as season finale, mid season finale, (I assume season premiere is automatic based on episode 1) I was curious as to where the “series finale” tag is acquired from?, as that is not an option on Tmdb.

That tag can be added by our moderation team manually. I’m hoping TMDB adds support for it some point then we will automate it.

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Ah it’s done manually…awesome thanks Justin…I’ll see if I can hassle tmdb to add it

Just got some feedback from Travis who I believe is your equivalent at TMDB, He was kind enough to raise a ticket for me to get Series Finale added to their system, so hopefully that should be available to you (us) in the not too distant future