Know when a season ends

In section Upcoming schedule it show Season Premiere, it would be nice to include Season Finale.

We unfortunately don’t have good enough data to know the season finale. Episodes are typically added to TVDB and TMDB as the season airs, so there isn’t a reliable way knowing it is the season finale. I believe TVDB and TMDB have plans to have a finale flag on episodes, so we’ll use that if they ever add it.


yeah, that is a long live request, season and series finale. But as Justin said no valid source for this yet. Hope it get implemented on the future. For now i just browse some other sites just to see if they have more episodes on a show thus knowing it is a Finale. Like tvmaze.

Yet when you view through your “Progress” it does show if a show has ended or there is a next season. So how is this added?

We know if the show has ended, yes. But there is no way to accurately know what the finale is for the currently airing season.

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Exactly! @justin is absolutely correct. Think of it this way… if TMDB & TVDB does Not have the info your screwed, we have to wait.
Patience is a virtue!

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I’d also like to see this too :wave:t2:

the TV Calendar November 2021 - Prime Time TV Schedule & TV Episode Calendar: Track your favourite TV shows has in red season finale and if it is series end you can see it on the show itself.

Can you collaborate via an API or something. It has pretty valid data.
It is the one thing we need more in trakt.

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How do we know the data is accurate? I wonder if they are manually marking things as a season finale episode?

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I have no idea. Maybe its a community based data like everywhere. So far it hasn’t been wrong. But why does that concern us ? I mean doesn’t tmdb data could be wrong too ? everything is based on user input so it is the same thing.

Probably a contact with them (i assume they have an API) could solve that question, but at my opinion it worth the risk. It is one of the most requested things for trakt i believe. That and not to loose air times.

Please just make a try and see what gives back :+1:

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I would like to ressurect this request. I know TVDB has this data but we cannot get it from API.
Also pogdesign also has this data.
I’m sure other sites to. Can we get the info on trakt. I don’t think anybody will care if it is 100% accurate but a nice flag/icon about season end or series end will be very very nice and long requested.

Is it possible to reconsider and put this a bit up on the list ?

It’s a good idea and I want to add those tags, but we need a reliable way to get the info. Ideally this would be added to TMDB, but if you know another API source that has this info please let me know.

as i said, TV Calendar November 2022 - Prime Time TV Schedule & TV Episode Calendar: Track your favourite TV shows has this info. i don’t know if they have an API but you can reach out and see what can be accomplish.

The site doesn’t have a public API that I can find. Looks like TMDB is considering adding this info at the episode level, which would be the best way to support this.


Adding my vote for this feature. There are very few shows that I watch week to week. For the majority I wait until they’re over and then binge them all at once.

Hoping TMDB adds the necessary info on their side soon.

Is it possible to get a notification of a change of status for a TV Show then?
For me ideally just an “Ended” notification would do the job.


the problem is not what type of notification or how it will be coded, the problem is that there is no source at the moment for that info that can be pulled from an API or something

Oh odd.
I know nothing about coding or computer stuff (wish I did) other than just using them but Trakt changes the status of shows to Ended or Cancelled, so how does it do that?
I use an app called TV Show Tracker and that app sends me a change of status notification.
I wonder how they are managing to do it?

This has been updated over at TMDB, it is now on their to do list…

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I got a notice about that too, we’ll use that info as soon as it’s in the TMDB API.