Got a message "Your email address is invalid"

I noticed a message on my dashboard saying “Your email address is invalid and needs to be updated!”. And in my account details the email field is indeed empty, so my address somehow disappeared. However I still receive daily emails from trakt, so it must still be known to the system.

Any idea what happened?

It looks like an email we sent to you bounced back, so we marked your email as invalid. I cleared it for you, but that was the cause.

Thanks for the quick help. It’s strange, though: I have never had any issue with this mail address. I will keep an eye on it.

Interesting. I have the same problem, and I can also safely say that e-mail should never bounce with my provider.

Strange, not sure why it’s happening. We have a service that receives bounces and then we flag the account. I’ll have to ask our email sender if they have any idea how an email could bounce back yet be normally received other times.

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