Has API key access expire changed from 90 days?

Quick question, i have a custom personal windows application that access my calendar. My Api key was created on June and not 90 days have passed. I have a check option that notify me 10 days before.

I haven’t use the application in a while due to vacations and today i got the error in .py

urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized

I have created a new access_token and it works perfect now.

So has the expire not 90 days anymore or was something else?


Hmm, that shouldn’t have changed. If you have the original access token I can look it up and try and see why it expired. Just shoot me an email or open a support ticket.

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thanks for the reply Justin, i do not have the old key.
I will check my settings.xml file again and see if something is odd there. I never had an issue before, it was 90 days exact.

I will check my app