Has my API access been disabled?

I’m unsure where to go for help—trying here first. I just realized I hadn’t had anything scrobble from Emby this year. Most of the people in their forum who’ve had this issue it turned out to be trakt disabling their API access.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction if this isn’t the place to ask.:+1:

“The Trakt API is back online and running at full speed. All 3rd party apps will now work. If you see any errors in an app, re-authenticate your Trakt account and it should work.”

Try Installing a 3rd party trakt app on your phone and access your account. That should potentially give you a useful error code/message. This happened to me a while back and was caused by a buggy Emby plugin. Trakt support resolved it quickly for me.

Your account isn’t locked that I see, so I think just re-authenticating your Trakt account in Emby will get it working again.