How do I change my email in Trakt forums

How do I change my email address at the forums?
I’m using a web browser (Firefox).

I can see my email at Preferences under the Account tab here:

But I can’t change my email. (Pen button missing?)

Btw: There is a pen button next to the Custom Status. I can change that.
And the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page seems to work.

It’s linked to your Trakt account.

but my email does not seem to be linked to my Trakt account.

I have changed my email at (General Settings > Account)
But here at my old email is still shown under Preferences, and I can’t change it.

Side note: emails from Trakt VIP Forums are sent to my old email I want to change.

Try loading the forums in a new private browser window and sign in. That should resync your Trakt email to the forums.

That worked. :grinning:

Ok cool. It syncs data during the single sign on to a he forums basically.