Import Lists from CSV


It’s impossible that no one has asked about this basic feature before… we have export to csv… what about imports?

I would like to be able to import lists from csv to trakt.

And that feature which is basic shouldn´t be supported by 3rd party developers at least for paying users.

For example, trakt rater is no longer working for me… and now i cannot import lists… adding more than 1000 movie list 1 by 1 if i already created the list is something i would like to avoid.

Having users being able to import data in to Trakt opens a big can of worms as to validity of data and would compromise the Trakt database that I rely on and is not something I would like to see.

Sorry, but just my opinion.

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I think the topic starter means importing for example IMDb watchlist data to Trakt. At least I hope that’s what they mean!

Ah OK, as nothing was mentioned I just assumed he had lists for himself that he wanted adding in to Trakt.

If it can be assured it’s clean data then I suppose it might be OK (maybe) :blush:

Haha no not clean data as in adding that to Trakt (new data)

I think he means he wants like to add his data from another site to his history, list or watchlist here on Trakt. Which currently can’t be done except with some user created extensions like TraktRater I think.

So even if the data is bad it won’t matter. If it can’t be matched it will be skipped. At least that’s how it works with importing ratings, watchlist etc from IMDb/trakt/wherever to TMDb.

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