Importing csv files /G-sheets to trakt lists

Is it possible to import a csv file to trakt to create a list of movies I’ve already watched/ owned? Google results point towards 3rd party automation. I’m aware of the plex scrobbler but I’m not keen on paying a monthly fee to use it. I saw mention of an “external list” option but these posts are from 2021 and I’m not able to find it. Sorry ahead of time if this has already been answered

You could try TraktRater;

Haha thank you I’m currently trying that. I can’t import directly from my desktop apparently. I have to use some other website like letterboxd, export from their site and then try to import to trakt via TraktRater…

IMDb is listed in the supported sites though?

Alternatively. If you watch all your content on sites like Netflix you can synch your watch history (and scrobble future watches) with universal trakt scrobbler;

So I don’t use imdb and there is no option to import a csv file into imdb if you do make an account, just like trakt. I don’t use streaming services. ultimately letterboxd was the only tracking site I was able to find that allowed for both importing and exporting of lists. I didn’t explore any of the other supported sites because I don’t have a use for them I have a trakt account solely because it has native integration with Radarr and I don’t have to go screw around with github repos and/ or python scripts. My goal was to import the metadata from my film library into trakt and create a watched list/history from that to exclude from searches… It apparently was a feature up until recently and has been removed by the trakt admins. Maybe I’ll try the 3rd party scrobbler in the future as trakt traker really only imported about 85 percent of the list in the end. Appreciate the input :slight_smile:

We have never had importers built in to Trakt. It’s something we are considering for a future update, but it’s currently low priority.

My mistake then, Search results turned up some old posts from a couple years back about Lists → My Lists → External Lists and I must have misread in my flurry to find an answer and assumed the person was referencing Trakt. Cheers!