Is this an official Trakt app for android or it is a fake app?

Hi everyone, I received an app recommendation recently in Google Play, and it is related to this app:

Is this app the official app for Trakt? this looks very sketchy app in my opinion and it is trying to impersonate an official Trakt app and I didn’t see Trakt anounce something like this yet.
My only concern is the user safety since they do provided a username and password there and the app is somehow trying to appeal as an official up.

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I’m not sure, but Trakt would have made an announcement. They always do.

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No. We have not released an Android app.


If you used it i suggest you change your password.
Also it looks awful on the screenshots!

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Just makes me wonder what is (GitHub - Unbounds/trakt: Trakt android application)

@Justin :eyes:

Ah, it seems like it’s some beta/test version of Trakt, as in, not the live/real Trakt… strange?

No I did not. I know there is no official Trakt Android app and while I am a developer of an Trakt client myself, when an app tries to portrait itself as an “official” app, then it is clear that there is smelly.

This is the reason why I tried to report the app, I am assuming that Trakt owners should report the app and remove it(or make it change the name) from the Google Play store.

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That link is valid and if you are a developer of an app that uses Trakt’s API, then you can use the stagin database(a copy of the Trakt database) to test your app. Think of it as a testing environment for developers.

However my problem is with the name of the app, since it is missleading and raises the question if it is valid or not.


It is awful. Tried it a while back.


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