Kodi Matrix

Kodi 19, Matrix, updated today and removed Trakt. Trakt is not compatible with the new system at this time. Is there a new connection?

It’s compatible as I’m using it right now. If it was an upgrade you might have to uninstall Kodi and do a fresh install of 19.0


Even upgrades should work without problems. But hard to diagnose what exactly happened.

Stick with Kodi 19.5, Kodi 20 is still full of bugs and 2 of out 4 of my addons do not sync with Trakt properly rendering them useless to me. Besides that, every once in awhile I have to exit Kodi, force stop and the re-open Kodi. This is the only way to resolve the playback failed message that I get after using Kodi for awhile.

I have been a member of Trackt.tv for years nor and I amm willing to pay for the VIP service jcv715@gmail.com