Issue with Trakt in Kodi 19 Matrix

Hi There.

Hope someone can help with this one. I use Trakt with Kodi on Fire TV and have had no issues for several years until now. Since updating to Matrix (K19) I am having to re-authorize the Trakt Addon in Kodi everyday for it to scrobble anything. Sometimes it will pop up after watching a show to add a rating, even if I don’t re-authorize and it doesn’t scrobble, but not all the time. Once I re-authorize it all works fine again until the next day and I then need to re-authorize my account again, in Kodi 18.xx I never had to re-authorize my account apart from on installation of the Addon.

I have uninstalled the Addon in Kodi and Re-installed etc. but it hasn’t solved the issue.

Has anyone else had or are having the same issue and if so, and you have managed to resolve it, can you let me know how.

I wonder if there is a file permission issue, or it’s not able to write and save your credentials locally in Kodi. That could explain why it asks to authorize the next day.

Thanks Justin, I will check that. I do know K19 has added more security etc. So may well be.

19 is working fine for me on Shield. It does sound like a file permission issue but you would think that there would then be something in the Kodi logs.