Links to Forums and Knowledge Base

I feel I might be overlooking them, but even if they are there somewhere, they should be easier to access. The complexity of Trakt is not trivial, and access to these resources should be prominent. It should help to increase engagement as well.

I do realize that some resources are for VIP only, but that just increases the value of membership.

Thanks for you consideration.

The link to the forums is now in the footer. Before it was only a button on there vip page. But the footer link got added a while back :heart:

The help/support page too. It’s normal for those pages to be in the footer. Or elsewhere from there regular menu I think.


@lifeiscrazy :pray:

I figured they were nestled somewhere, but never scrolled down. I know you’re not wrong about that being a normal place for such links, but I guess I needed something more blunt. :sweat_smile:

I did notice that when I clicked the Help link at the bottom it prompted for a login. (which oddly doesn’t accept my credentials) Using the link Are you a customer? Login here does log me into support though.

I still think at least a Help/Support link would be well served by being in the menu, but I’m happy to find the existing links.