Is the support website still working?

Hi there, I have some problems in using the support website in the last weeks. I can’t find some of my old posts, and it seems I cannot post any longer. Is that part being reworked? Thanks a lot!

The support site is hosted and managed by UserVoice. I’ve seen some users having issues, I’m not really sure why and we don’t have much control to do anything. You can also email directly with any questions.

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Thanks a lot, will do!

Did you get the same “Forbidden” page after you cannot post anymore?

I’m thinking it might be that I’m blocked or something from posting too many links (all to Trakt), and being considered a spam bot or something.

Now when I see dupes I just try to not let it bother me too much and look the other way. I’m hoping for a different way on-site to report such things soon! :pray:

Yup, exactly the same for me! I also fear I am considered a bot by the system lol

I just reached out to them via their ticketing system, and it is indeed what I feared.

My original post:

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@lifeiscrazy thanks a lot for your messages, now it is more clear. You’ve been really great!

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This might’ve taken a turn for the worse! I think the cookie expired for me that keeps me logged in on TMDb, and then I couldn’t log back in, it just said I’ve been “successfully logged out”. So I contacted the owner and they said:

Looks like the IP you’re using ( has been marked as a spammer, so you’re being kicked out.

I wonder if it’s this UserVoice problem that’s causing this mess :frowning:

// EDIT: I just asked them if it could be related and they said:

while it sounds like we might use a similar service to do the actual detection, it sounds like they don’t have any manual intervention like I do, so it might not be possible.

As long as I don’t stumble upon any new issues on other sites, I might just leave it, haha!

On a positive side note here, we’re trying to clean up the forums, and not use them for reporting refreshes and removals. :grinning:

We’d prefer a support ticket with as many details and links as you can provide, but ideally only a show/movie or an issue or two per ticket please.

Hijacking the thread here, haha!

A few days ago, I saw the support page changed. And the “login with Trakt” button does nothing for me. So the site is effectively useless for me, although I have been neglecting creating reports with all the UserVoice URL “spam” bans I’d been getting :see_no_evil:

The last report I could make (and could still login) was when you directed me there about the disappearing profile picture.

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Appreciate the feedback. @justin changed the login to SSO and should automatically direct you back to Trakt to login and then you should be able to post.

Can you confirm you’re signed in to when you go to the support page?

I just tried logging in with my other account and clicking help at the bottom of and it worked. It definitely wasn’t the admin me signed in. Hmm…

Same here, only it opens a popup and then closes after a few seconds.

Can you disable any ad blockers and see if that fixes it? Or try another web browser and see if that works?

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I totally forgot to do that! Thanks! I just tested it in other browsers and it seems that for me Firefox was blocking cookies for and that is needed to log in. I created an exception for that and it worked.

I don’t block any ads on *, so that should extend to the support page.
However, I don’t know if you changed anything between my last post and this, but I tried again just now and it works again (for now haha :clap:).


I had problems again with logging in on the support website.

  • I don’t have cookies blocked
  • I don’t have javascript blocked
  • I don’t have any content or ad blocker for trakt or uservoice.

The only thing I tried was ticking off this “prevent cross-site tracking”.

Which I didn’t like to disable, so I’ll enable it right after, but, worth pointing out that ticking that off fixed it. I didn’t have to tick that off before.

Just a heads up… It appears that the support site is throwing an error about not having the correct certificate if you go to the url

Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for The certificate is only valid for *

But the site works if you go to…

We’re in the process of moving away from UserVoice and now use FreshDesk. The support link will be updated with SSL soon, but please just use it without ssl for the time being or email directly.

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No SSL no login I guess → Error 500?
Good idea to abandon (another) support page before the new one is even ready… :expressionless:
Will existing content be transferred over? plenty of planned, VIP ideas and long-term stuff on there? Seeing as the getsatisfaction stuff also got deleted there wouldn’t be an archive at all? [1]

Also not seeing a community tab at all so far - I sincerely hope there is a public part and not just the private ticketing fail TVDB did…