List on 3rd party app, in the wrong order? 😕

Hello :wave:
On Trakt, I use the great feature “Order List by watched date”
So, we have the old movie favourites, that we watch at least once a year. So I order them to put the most recent watched, at the end of the list. So the one we haven’t watched for the longest, is nice n handy at the start of the list.
Then, I go to the TV, turn on the 3rd party app, but on trakt list there, they are all in the wrong order. :disappointed:

Is there anything I can do, to force Syncler+ to order the trakt list there, to be the same order as it is on Trakt?
I apologize, but I don’t know if it is a Trakt thing or a Syncler thing. I have tried everything I can thing of, on Trakt and Syncler. But no joy and my final remaining brain cell has gone on strike, in protest against me for frying the brain cells colleagues…

List ordering would need to be handled by the app itself. However, I’m not quite sure why you are making lists to track what you’re watching? Your watched history can easily be filtered by start and end dates.

So, the order of the list on Trakt, doesn’t translate to the order the list appears on the 3rd party/end user list?
I don’t really understand tech, or what it would take to make that happen. But the 3rd party app doesn’t have the ability to sort the list… I have trakt that does. Trakt can pass the list/3rd party can request the list. But the order the content is in, isn’t debatable? Odd. The list of lists always comes up in the same order. But no control of what order the content shows up?
I do not make a list, of the order I watch EVERYTHING.
Lets say, I have backed up contents of the dvd collection. Hallmark Mysteries for example. Nobody makes Cozy Mysteries like Hallmark! I know, I have searched! So with it being a family “go to” favourite and there being such little content in that genre, we end up watching the same ones at lesst once in a year.
It would of been simpler, if the “Cozy Mysteries” list, would show the content, in the order we watched them in. So we just go to the first on the list. That would be the one/series that we haven’t watched for the longest.
Rather than trawling through everything else we have watched, maybe up to a year ago, to see what is next, when I have made a list on Trakt that will tell me in a glance.
Same with natural disaster Movies. They don’t come out every day. There isn’t many of them and even fewer that are affordable and available. So, having them in a list of what disaster was watched longest ago.
I am having to cut off the “favourite services” due to being disabled and on a small income. So finding new content, when the genre are bare, you have to make the most of what is available and watch the same stuff in the best possible way… And go slowly mad and make lists on Trakt instead… Lucky for me, I have a terrible memory, due to nearly as many illnesses as I have lists! Also the reason I need lots of lists, to remind me of things I forget!.. Thats what it says on this list! Here, at number 3! Right under number 1 (inhale) and number 2 (exhale) 3, write lists of stuff to remember or you will forget stuff. 4 (inhale) 5 (exhale) 6 (repeat)… I think… Let me check my list…

Items on a list are in “ranked” order that you control. One the Trakt website and apps, we can apply sorting to those lists. In 3rd party apps, we return the ranked order + info on your preferred sorting. It is then up to the app to apply that sorting. This is done for caching purposes since it’s a performance hit and no easily catchable otherwise.

Ok. As I don’t really understand tech, I understand the answer.
I am glad Trakt has the feature. So thank you.
I find it very helpful.
It is a great and very flexible app with a great variety of uses and abilities. I would be lost without it.
My questions were, in no way, meant to say otherwise.
I was just trying to understand how it works and how it operates with 3rd party apps.
You have explained perfectly. So, thank you again to Trakt. Kicking ass and education the old (and some strange) folks, for just one, annual, very, very reasonable small payment.