Multiple Errors - App not responding correctly

I don’t want to but I think I have to complain about Trakt‘s recent iOS app performance. After the last hiccup about a week ago with the update to search I had to completely delete and reinstall the app due to problems I had with data not updating correctly - and in all honesty I had to figure it out by myself since I haven’t gotten any responses to my problem on this forum which was not really assuring.

After that the app and website timed out on multiple occasions.

Right now I’m haven multiple new problems with the app (website is fine) which leads me to write this post. I don’t know what’s wrong with it but it was not usable when I wanted to check for things within the app. As of writing this it changed its mind again and is working … for now.

So I’ll post some screenshots in here in the hopes it helps if others are having problems like I am.

This was an API bug that should now be fixed.

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I’ve got one specific private list that is not loading within the app. Error message is „failed to load“ and retry function does nothing.

List is loading fine on the website

App deinstalled and newly installed did not help either…