New'ish user - Minefield of Apps what is your go to app?

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

As I write this with coffee on the go finally went VIP and glad I did.
However my dive into apps for my Android phone was not the easiest and must took sometime to plow through what was available and to find the right one.
After some time I have settled on an app called CineTrak and so far very happy to use it.

So being nosey, was wondering what other like minded folk use?


I have been using this one for a couple of years, in the past i tried a few others but settled on this one
I also use the web site to update views, as i am not sure if there is an app yet that supports rewatches


I just use the mobile site for tracking my watches. It’s a solid design that gets the job done for me.


Likewise — You never know how 3rd party apps will behave with Trakt, obviously. I’d rather not take the chance of my data being corrupted and like you indicated — the mobile site is fine!

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I still have SeriesGuide installed on my Android and have used it for many years, however lately I have gone to just using the Trakt website. Installed it as a MS Edge browser “app” - very nice UI. Part of the reason is that SeriesGuide still requires you to add a show in the app, even if on Trakt (which is by design).


Gave it a try today and yep so easy.
Thanks to everyone who replied and to hear your views.

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My behaviour as well lately. I’ve still got seriesguide installed, but I find it easier to surf to the Trakt website instead.

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Moviebase! (Android) - Has most of the functionality of the trakt site, and by far the best-looking app I’ve found. Also, the developer is very responsive, and the app is continually improving.


As an Android user, Seriesguide is my goto, but Cinetrak is my backup when I just want to check into a single episode. They also have a few nice lists and discovery features I use from time to time.

I am the creator of TV Show Tracker (Android, iOS and Windows). I initially built it to fit my usage but after a few years I have in it the hundred ideas of my users : give it a try :slight_smile:

Android link :

I use TV Show Tracker and I have seriesguide. I think I have tried them all. They all have something missing or not done well.

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Agree. I’m waiting on Android trakt official beta. For now, using the web browser.