Notifications for new releases by favourite directors/actors etc

It would be really nice to “follow” a director/actor/writer/anyone and get notifications of their new releases via email/RSS and/or have them added automatically to my watchlist.

The only service that I have found that offers this feature is and I’ve seen a few people on Reddit looking for something like this, so it would be a cool feature to have in Trakt :slight_smile:

(note: I tried to post this on Other Feature Requests : Trakt a few days ago but it hasn’t appeared)

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That’s a very cool idea. Does it send alerts only when a movie/show is actually released?


Hmm, I haven’t totally thought this through, but how about:

  1. I follow e.g. Wes Anderson
  2. When a new Wes Anderson movie appears in the database e.g. is announced as In Development, it automatically gets added to my watchlist (or maybe some people would prefer a separate list just for these things)
  3. It’ll then appear in my calendar once the release date is announced and I can use the existing RSS feeds to get the alerts

Maybe there could be an optional email/RSS alert at step #2, but that’s not necessary for me


That would be awesome!! :slight_smile:

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This feels close to adding a whole person to your watchlist. E.g. when you add a whole TV show, new episodes from new seasons of that show automatically appear in your dashboard. Automatically presenting new releases with a person could work similarly.

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Just want to add to this idea:

I think it would be more appropriate to Favorite/Star production members (Actors, Directors, Producers, etc) rather than “follow” them to minimize some possible confusion since they are more of profile pages rather than actual users.

Either way, having the ability to mark production members opens the door for several features:

  • As mentioned in the original post - ability to get notified when a new project is announced or gets release date
  • Others have mentioned ability to have a progress display of items we have watched
  • Maybe the ability of influencing recommendations, similar to music services like Apple Music.
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I’d love to have that feature.

I created a list of actors/directors I’m following but it looks like there’s no possibility to have their activity in calendar.