RSS feed to Telegram looks ugly

Hello friends,
I set up a IFTTT trigger that will inform me whenever something is on my trakt calendar.
As ‘‘If’’ I pasted the RSS link from my calendar.
as ‘‘That’’ I used the existing Telegram function, that will forward me to a private chat the content of the RSS feed.

Point is, when it reaches my phone it looks like this.
Those links, bring me to the URL of the single episode that happen to come out that day.

This seems counter intuitive and a bit useless: the point of having a chat bot telling me what shows I need to watch today on a private chat with me is just to tell me straight away, with the easiness of the information right there in my chats. At the very minimum, it should provide me a clean trakt link that would translate in a clean preview of the webpage like this.. But like this is a bit like you have a new episode, click here to discover which one. It kinda defeat the purpose and at that point I might as well go to trakt myself instead.

I am pretty sure this is a IFTTT problem and not a RSS feed problem. My question is, has anyone find a way to get notified of new shows by trakt on Telegram in a proper manner?

Thank you very much.

This is just off the top of my head, but have you already tried turning off the URL shortening feature in your IFTTT account?

I had no idea this was an option! Thanks! I will monitor and look out for improvements!

Did this solve your issue?

Nope. I monitored for months at this point. Beside IFTTT sending me notifications of the new episode of the show between 6 to 12 hours delayed (most times, the notification never comes through), the un-shortening of the URL just posts the synopsis of the episode in the message and adds the episode’s picture. I need to guess which show it is, the number of the episode or the name of the episode.
Example: Telegram_PhpHM1BZIS .
Notice how this example has the latest Marvel TV show as the episode that IFTTT notifies me of a whopping 12 hours later it was aired (aired 9:00 am local time, got notified of it at 9:19 pm ??).