Season Taglines

Similar to how Trakt is independent from TMDB in some respects (for example, the option to request “Series Finale” tags on Trakt in place of the “Season Finale” tags synced with TMDB) I was wondering if we could request addition of taglines for specific seasons as there are taglines for shows and films.

For instance, The Wire has taglines for all five seasons:
Listen carefully. (S1)
A new case begins… (S2)
Rules change. The game remains the same. (S3)
No corner left behind. (S4)
Read between the lines. (S5)

Another example—Breaking Bad:
Change the equation. (S1)
All becomes crystal clear. (S2)
Unstable. Volatile. Dangerous. And that’s just the chemistry. (S3)
Warning: Extremely Volatile. (S4)
All hail the king., Power corrodes., or Remember my name. (S5)

Curb Your Enthusiasm:
It’s all a matter of perspective. (S3)
Deep inside you know you’re him. (S5)
What’s wrong with this picture? (S6)
Is it me? (S7)
New York. Same Larry. (S8)
He left. He did nothing. He returned. (S9)
oy. (S10)
The world has changed. He hasn’t. (S11)
The last of his kind. (S12)

True Detective:
Touch darkness and darkness touches you back. (S1)
We get the world we deserve. (S2)
Time takes everything but the truth. (S3)
The truth lies in the dark. (Night Country)

Boardwalk Empire:
When alcohol was outlawed, outlaws became kings. (S1)
Know who’s behind you. (S2)
You can’t be half a gangster. (S3)
No one goes quietly. (S5)

The Sopranos
Meet Tony Soprano. If one family doesn’t kill him…the other will. (S1)
Family. Redefined. (S2)
Family is everything. (S3)
Made in America. (S6)

Six Feet Under:
Your whole life is leading up to this. (S1)
Every day above ground is a good one. (S4)
Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends. (S5)

His fame is their fortune. (S1)
It doesn’t happen alone. (S2)
A lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste. (S3)
Live it. (S5)
Life changes. Friends don’t. (S6)
Enjoy the ride. (S7)

Halt and Catch Fire:
The battle for CTRL begins. (S1)
Welcome to Mutiny. (S2)
Great minds don’t always think alike. (S3)
What are you searching for? (S4)

Living the dream. One mistake at a time. (S1)
Almost getting it kind of together. (S2)
Happily whatever after. (S3)
Nowhere to grow but up. (S4)
Finally piecing it together. (S5)

Won’t bow. Don’t know how. (S1)
Wrap your troubles in dreams. (S2)
Hurricanes. Floods. Exile. Crime. Corruption. Betrayal. Greed. Neglect. Is that all you got? (S3)
Just a little while to stay here. (S4)

The Deuce
Once upon a time in America, pleasure became a business. (S1)
1978. Pleasure was a business, and business was booming. (S2)
Burning down the house. (S3)

I thought this could be an interesting and worthwhile addition, and make the site even more unique than it already is.

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Good idea. Does TMDB have a field for the season tagline?

Unfortunately they don’t, which was why I suggested implementing it independently like the Series Finale tags currently are.