Show "+More" only if there actually is more to show

Hey all,

I saw the new “+More” feature on the Dashboard today and think this is a great addition!

In my case however, there isn’t more to show, I only have 6 items in my “Up next”.
The “+More” button still shows and on mouse over it gets activated
I clicked a few times and was wondering why nothing was hapenning until I realised that I don’t have more to show.

I suggest to either hide the button if there isn’t more data to load, or to disable it and maybe change the text to something that indicates that there is no more data.

Agreed, This is awesome! Also should the See more > button be renamed to Progress/See All to differentiated the two options?

Yeah, I’ll get both of these fixed. The +more was supposed to be conditional, but seems to have a bug with that. I also thought about changing the “see more” button but just decided to leave it and wait for feedback first since pretty much all sections use “see more” in the top right like that.

Updates will go out tomorrow.


Can confirm that it works. Thanks for the quick update! :+1:

Yes, thank you! Also having the menu stay open even if you leave the page and come back was a nice touch. :+1:

I noticed at the same time there was a similar grid view added to the progress page, if you are planning on keeping it, it is currently not working. When clicked shows are no longer shown.

See if you have an adblock on or reset you browser data in your settings. This fixed it for me.

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Thank you!

It was my adblocker, I use some cosmetic filters on the site to hide some distracting elements that I don’t use. Don’t use it for ads and I forgot it was still on. > div.container > div[class][id]:not([data-url]) was being blocked by the AdGuard Base filter in Ublock Origin.

To fix I just added my progress page to my list of trusted sites, and voila it worked!

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