Up Next section on Dashboard is showing all my shows, not just one row

Usually on the web dashboard, the Up Next section shows a single row of 4 or 5 episodes, but today its displaying all the shows in my account, and I have to scroll a lot to see the Upcoming Schedule section. There is no “less” button to show less rows. Is this a bug? Any way to reset the number of rows?

Please post a screenshot and can you confirm it’s every show that displays on your progress page?

Also, what sorting option do you have for the dashboard up next?

I just double checked, and it seems to be every show that is currently listed in the progress page (which I have set to filter completed).

At the bottom of the Next Up there is a little “More” button. If if I click it, a “Less” button appears, and when I click that it disappears, but neither action changes the number of rows.

I zoomed out about 50% to take the screenshot below, but still only shows like 4 rows. There are like 12 more rows below it.

I have the sorting set toe “Watch Date”, descending.

This should be fixed now. The bug was related to the sorting option for the up next section. The options actually changed a while ago, so I would recommend reviewing and selecting the correct sorting to make sure it uses the newer option.



Thank you!!