Some lists are appearing, but doesn't open syncler+

Hello. I am using Trakt with Syncler+
The list titles are coming up on the list, but some of them don’t display the shows that are under the list title.
Can anyone tell me if this is a Trakt problem or Syncler problem please?
Most lists are there, with the shows under the list title. But some are list title and nothing.
I hope that makes sense? :flushed:

I think I had a support ticket like this and I think it was related to some lists being set to private.

Thank you for your reply :relaxed:
Unfortunately, they are all set to public in this case.
Oddly, the one or two lists set to private, are open and showing the films in the lists.

I have just opened syncler this morning and even more are now empty, or not opening.
Maybe I should be asking syncler. It doesn’t seem common here, so that probably indicates it isn’t a problem for most Trakt users.
Thank you @Kate for your reply. It isn’t the case, in this instance, but still helps with a direction to go and may help someone with a similar problem. (and of course, let’s me know that there are people out there :joy:)

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