Suggestion: note option / private comment

It would be awesome if we could comment on movies/shows for ourself, like taking a note what I thought about this movie without anyone seeing it. I watch a lot of stuff and can’t always remember if I liked it or not, especially if Im unsure what to think about it, and sometimes the rating is not enough (also a .5 rating possibility would be nice, sometimes its a 6.5 not a 7 f.e.)

sure I could comment publicly but I don’t like to share my thoughts, f.e. I don’t want to comment on a movie I know is good per se but I just didnt like it… that’s not a good review and I don’t want people coming for me just bc my taste may be different :sweat_smile:

Someone was a bit of a jerk to me today over one of my somewhat “note-to-self” comments about a rating from years ago, just noting that I would have probably rated the item differently under my newer scoring habits.

Made me realize that oh yeah, we still don’t have private notes.

Would still be nice.

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I’m starting to think about this feature and plan it out. How would you expect to add the note for a media item (movie, show, etc)? My initial idea is a new action button near “add comment” to popup a notes field (like list items have). Then I could place a notes icon on the top left of the poster to indicate there is a note.

Open to any ideas or mockups you have around this.

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I like this but I would make sure that this does not conflict with the rewatching icon wherever used.

Yeah, I’d stack them and space them apart so both could be displayed.

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yes, sounds great! Something similar to public comments was what I was thinking too.
Or maybe just a check box thing when commenting that makes it a private comment, like when you click the “spoiler alert?” , maybe a “private comment” button next to it, something like that.
Oh and if possible -but not absolutely necessary- maybe the option to private comment in every language, for us non native speakers :smiley:

I am considering that too, but since it’s a separate feature I thought it could be confusing if combined with the commenting feature.

I create a main topic covering notes, let’s continue the discussion there.


Just one suggestion, that notes be included in any backups that users make. (Also there is no reply option in the topic linked.)

Oops, you should be able to reply in the topic now. Yes, notes will for sure be included in the backup and also will have the iCal, RSS, and CSV export just like comments have.