The unmarked spoiler comment problem

Recently this is getting ridiculous. No one seems to be able to use that damn spoiler button anymore. It must be really freakin hard to do so, so here is what I propose to get this problem out of the way once and for all:

By default every comment is hidden (might be optional in the settings) and therefore declared as spoiler content except you enable the spoiler-free comment button (former spoiler button).

Let me know what you think, imho it’s time we tackle this Problem :wink:

I like this idea! I would say have it for any new comments of course and leave the old comments as they are. I do not think that users are going to go back to their old comments to mark them as no spoilers.

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There is a setting to do this – blur comments

More detailed info:


@justin I believe @Parzival meant when someone is in the possess of actually commenting not after the fact.

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Hi Justin,

while this is ‚a‘ solution I like to read spoiler-free comments prior watching a show / episode.

But these days it‘s become a minefield because no one seems to care anymore to mark spoilers as such.
If I’d turn all comments blurry it’s even worse to identify spoilers.

With my proposal I‘d like to hope that those who write (knowingly) a spoiler-free comment are more determined to enable the button compared to now where almost everyone is kind of ‚meh‘ :man_shrugging:t3:

But that’s just my opinion, if you think otherwise I’m totally fine with that. But you have to agree that the status quo is not working great right now…

It is an interesting idea. I think the issue is people don’t change the default, so I’m not sure it will be much different then just turning on that setting. We also get a lot of comments through 3rd party apps so it also depends on those apps correctly asking the user to mark their comments. I wonder if there is some AI that can read and determine if a comment is a spoiler :slight_smile:

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What if as you submit a comment a dialog pops up asking is there any spoilers?

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That still wouldn’t help with comments coming from apps :frowning:

And moderation (or is it moderating?) can really only be done by someone who’s seen the show/episode/movie.

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A lot of people just don’t care tho… some people love shouting out spoilers on purpose.

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What about a voting feature to declare comments as spoilers? So a comment gets blurred after its been reported by 5 users.


There is an option to report a comment due to spoilers. But don’t know what happens after reporting it.

When you report a comment, it automatically creates a ticket in our support system. If your reason for flagging it is “spoiler”, we edit and mark the comment spoiler with little review.

Most other reasons will have more human review, but when it doubt it’s usually deleted. We’d like Trakt to have the same level of respect to each other as in a public park- polite, friendly and respectful.


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